And so the story begins....
I'm a spy, dammit!

The story begins with a group of adventurers escorting the main character, Orell, to his homw town Philanderan. He had been asked by Gundren Rockseeker to bring some ale to the local tavern. He traveled with Todaflink – the annoying yet cheerful rock gnome, Varo – the mysterious drow spy, Dohmnal – the stern human mercernary, Yelleth – the righteous tiefling, and Feora – the priestess of Helm. Someway along the trail after days of travel, goblins attacked! The adventurers bravely defended Orell and the cargo, yet Orell still took an arrow to the chest. Half of the adventurers gave chase to the last goblin which led them straight to the goblin’s hideout. While inside, they attacked a bugbear and won. But Dohmnal fell to the vicious wolf of the bugbear and was saved by the group. At one point Orell let loose a waterfall which obviously did (not) save the brave adventurers. They found Syldar (traveling companion of Gundren) being held captive and saved him by murdering the remaining enemies. Syldar tells them that Gundren was also taken captive and was being held by King Gral at Cragma Castle. He says that the Black Spider wanted Gundren and was looking for a map that he had. Apparently Gundren Rockseeker and his 2 brothers had found a map to the Lost Wave Echo Cave, a side in the Fandelver Pact. Once a source for magical power and the Forge of Spells that was operated a long time ago by dwarves and gnomes until orcs and wizards attacked it. Syldar leaves to see if he can find more information on where Gundren is.

They arrived in town, met some people and accepted some quests. They learned that the Red Band Bandits were mean and they attacked their hideout with the help of the town. Orell led the charge through the front door with Renee and Dohmnall and half the town. Meanwhile Toda, Varo, and Yellith snuck through a secret back entrance that Toda had found while saving Quelin’s little boy. Instantly they were bombarded with telepathy by a strange creature. Scared, they tried to bargain with it and promised to get it food. They leave and go down a corridor, enemies on both sides. They retreat and are threatened by the creature again. They decide to trick the unknown enemies into fighting the strange creature. FAIL! They are on the same side. Frantically they run through the cavern/building until they run straight into Orell and the others. Together they fight off about a dozen enemies causing a huge pileup of bodies to build. Dohmnall throws Toda into the air who explodes with a furious might killing the remaining foot soldiers……..strangely he hovers over the 10 foot tall pile of bodies. Then the creature appears and the adventurers fight it off, chase it down and kill it.

The town rejoices and gives the bandits’ hideout, Tressendar Manor, to the adventurers. Thus they begin to set up shop and complete odd jobs for the villagers. Including bargaining for information about Bogentle’s spellbook from Agatha the Banshee, completing an odd job for a necromancer whom we slayed later because Yellith thought he was evil, and killing a tribe of orcs that was raiding the Tribor Trail. Feora and some other dude that was there too mysteriously disappeared separately. Then Falkar the nightsky watcher joined the adventurers for some weird reason, it was kinda awkward. Dohmnal says “We killed a necromancer”.

Recently the adventurers headed to the ruined town of Thundertree. Syldar had discovered information that might lead us to Gundren and tells us to meet him there. We head there and find him and Ryadeth holed up in a house. They warn of us plant monsters, giant spiders, zombies, and mysterious men in the vicinity including a dragon nearby. Ryadeth agrees to trade the location of Cragma Castle for us attempting to get the dragon the leave. We cautiously venture into the town and stumble upon a group of masked dragon cultists’ when we knocked down their door. Somehow we decide to join the cultists’ in attempting to persuade the dragon to leave. Toda turns invisible and hides before the dragon shows up. A cultist speaks in draconic and Varo gives Toda’s bovine staff to the dragon along with a chest of treasure from the cultists. The dragon laughs and attacks, instantly killing most of the cultist. The leader of the cultist managers to hold the dragon in position while the adventurers hack away at it. Miraculously, maybe because Helm was watching over them, the adventurers manage to kill the dragon. They collect some loot from the dead dragon and head towards Cragma Castle after Varo, then Dohmnal, then Toda offended and/or annoyed Ryadeth the druid.

They reach Cragma Caste. Varo and Falkar scout the area and find a way in. Yellith jumps the wall and pulls herself up only to find a group of hobgoblins startled by her presence in their barracks. She defends them long enough for the remaining adventurers to scale the wall and help kill the enemies. They sneak and find a group of goblins worshipping. Yellith, with the help of Toda’s magic, initially tricks the goblins into thinking that she is their god. While they are gone, a creature attacks. The goblin comes back with friends and realizes that Yellith is lying and joins the attack. The adventurers murder everything. Then they discover King Gral and someone belonging to the Black Spider negotiating for the unconscious Gundren. Varo thinks he tricks the Black Spider member into fighting Kin Gral with them. But during the fight, Gundren is shot twice in the head by the Black Spider member and dies, Toda is devastated at losing his adoptive father. They retreat, unable to continue fighting any further.

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