Falkar Windhowler


Falkar is a wanderer from the North and is a trapper by trade. Although his family has been trapping in the far north forests for generations he has decided to travel South in search of more hospitable land and greater quarries. Leaving all he knew behind he left with only what he could carry on his back. Luckily, he has quite the silver tongue and has always been able to convince the barkeeper to give him an extra ale or the comfiest bed, so his trip has not been as grueling as it could have been.

Traveling alone isn’t without peril though, but Falkar has a few tricks up his sleeve. He generally chooses to avoid conflict, but has taken quite a liking to spell casting should he ever be set upon by a wild beast. He discovered it at a tender age, but hasn’t started to develop his power until recently.

His life took an unexpected turn when he was confronted by a ragtag group of adventures in a town he was passing through. He quickly befriended one of them and was invited to use his skill to gather treasures and glory.

Falkar Windhowler

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